Annika Marks Talks ‘The Fosters’: It’s ‘Not About Breaking That Marriage Up’


Annika Marks may not be playing the most popular character on The Fosters right now, but she’s going to win you over anyway. When Monte Porter shook things up at the end of last season, fans had a lot to say – and there’s still more to come. We spoke with Annika to discuss what it’s like to be in the middle of a buzzy storyline, and what makes tonight’s episode so big for Monte.

When next we see Monte, it’s going to be in a surprising situation. “Somebody from Stef and Lena’s inner circle asks to be set up with Monte, and it just becomes very awkward, uncomfortable, odd for all of them,” Annika teased, adding, “It’s a very well written episode.”

She knows all about uncomfortable, ever since Monte kissed Lena near the end of last season. The moment was as much of a surprise for her as it was for the fans. “I had no idea,” she told us. “I think we were all surprised by it. It was exciting and also a little bit scary, because we all have a massive investment in [Lena and Stef’s] marriage.

“This storyline is not about breaking that marriage up or anything like that. It’s about a marriage that is challenged with this,” she continued. “I knew the fans were going to be upset…but I knew the writing was so good that the fans would have a hard time hating Monte. The writing is so nuanced and layered and complicated that Monte’s not an easy person to hate.”

What’s it like for an actress when the fans are all talking? “It’s really interesting. The day that we actually filmed the kiss, Sherri [Saum] said – and she was joking – ‘You may want to hire security,'” Annika laughed.

“I haven’t gotten an overwhelming amount of hate. I’ve gotten a lot of messages from people saying ‘I want to hate you, but I like you’…I think the fact that’s the feeling that it’s evoking in fans is a testament to the writing.”

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