Interview: Annika Marks from The Last Tycoon and The Fosters

Annika Marks was born in Sweden and has traveled the gypsy lifestyle finding residence in Washington, New York, and California where she now lives.

A born artist putting on family performances as a little girl, Annika began her acting career in 2001 and it boomed with her role as Amanda in the movie, Sessions (2012); winning her the Special Jury Award. It was a blessing and a sign, as prior to that incredible acting performance, she thought the stage was a better fit for her. The roles in Grace and Anguish helped propel her career in movies until she was offered a short-term role on the television show, The Fosters.

Annika was not only surprised that she would continue her character as Monte Porter, but felt very grateful. She talks about feeling as though she became a member of the family as the seasons continued and she “could not be more proud to be part of something with these messages (LGBTQ).”

She also has been more than happy to be part of the new show, The Last Tycoon, with Kelsey Grammer. She plays Bernadette Davis who is Monroe Stahr’s sister-in-law by marriage. Another character that Annika was able to parlay into a continuing role as she was only initially contracted for the pilot.

Outside of her remarkable acting abilities, she does a lot for kids who age out of foster care and are now on their own with no help from family members. She is also very active in the organization called HAMOMI. They do a lot of work that improves the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in Nairobi, Kenya.

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Gravitas Possesses Supernatural Teen Thriller ‘Anguish’

By Ross A. Lincoln

Gravitas Ventures has acquired all North American rights to the supernatural thriller Anguish, and will release the film in select theaters with simultaneous video on demand release beginning December 18. The story, billed as inspired by true events, follows a teenage girl, “Tess”, who grows to understand that her intense psychological problems are actually the result of a supernatural ability which allows spirits to possess her body. Now she must decide whether to fight to remain in control of herself, or allow the soul of a recently deceased girl who refuses to accept her death to take over her body for good. Starring Ryan Simpkins, along with Karina Logue and Annika Marks, it’s written and directed by Sonny Mallhi.

Source: Deadline Hollywood

‘The Fosters’ star Annika Marks talks Monte, and performing in Wendy Graf’s play “All-American Girl”

Annika Marks, a name heard quite frequently amongst fans of the hit ABC Family drama The Fosters, has become well-known for shaking things up… on television that is. Marks, who plays Monte Porter on the heartfelt show about a close-knit and diverse family revolving around partners Lena (Sherri Saum) and Stef (Teri Polo), can be seen playing the mildly timid but curious new Principal of Anchor Beach Community Charter School. Monte, a newly divorced woman recently locked lips with subordinate Lena in last seasons epic finale, leaving the fandom to literally lose their shit.

Although fans questioned the characters motives in the beginning it’s slowly becoming clear that Monte isn’t the malicious woman the overzealous kids make her out to be. She’s just trying to find herself, and kissing other people’s wives is a casualty of that. But seriously, when she’s not portraying a homewrecker on TV (just kidding, we love Monte), Marks can currently be seen on stage in InterAct Theatre Company’s presentation of “All-American Girl,” the world premiere of Wendy Graf’s provocative solo drama currently running up until July 26 at The Lounge Theatre in Los Angeles, CA.

We chatted extensively about the play, and its importance, as well as  got much needed insight into her character on the critically acclaimed hit drama series The Fosters.

MCKENZIE MORRELL: Can you tell us a little bit about All American Girl, the play you star in that’s written by, directed by, about, and starring women?

ANNIKA MARKS: Yes! Yes! That’s all true. It’s a one-woman show. It’s double cast, so there’s two of us doing it, reading back and forth [the role alternates with Jeanne Syquia]. We tell the story of a girl who starts off as sort of an idealistic, passionate, young woman, or young lady, an “all-American girl.” And she grows up to be a radical extremist who uses violence to make her point, or to fight for her cause. It’s really the story of how she gets there. We play her from the time she’s 7 till she’s 24, and we also play about 17 other people that she comes into contact with along her journey, who kind of influence her down this path. It’s really an exploration inside the mind of extremists. It humanizes something that’s very difficult and scary to humanize, but it’s important to humanize it if we’re ever going to have a conversation about why these things happen.

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‘Anguish’ Trailer and Screening Dates

Annika’s film ‘Anguish’ will be premiering at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal. It is scheduled to be screened on Tuesday, July 21 at 9:20pm and Thursday, July 23 at 3:15pm at the J.A. De Seve Theatre. Tickets go on sale this Saturday, July 11. For ticket information, please click here.

Below is a trailer for ‘Anguish,’ as well as a description of the film.

Sixteen-year-old Tess (an astoundingly powerful Ryan Simpkins) may be young in age, but she’s already had several lifetimes worth of psychological distress, beginning randomly when she was found banging her head into a wall at the age of five. Through the years, her mother has tried everything, every specialist, every alternative treatment, to bring her into balance. The closest thing to a proper diagnosis that doctors have been able to assign to her mental condition is an identity disorder, and in a sense, that’s not incorrect. Tess’s identity is horrifically disordered — because it’s being encroached upon by spirits of the dead.

The directorial debut of writer/director Sonny Mallhi, producer of such singular horror works as THE STRANGERS and AT THE DEVIL’S DOOR, ANGUISH is an emotionally resonant — and blood-chillingly eerie — supernatural exploration of both coming-of-age narratives and the desperate grasping at straws that lead many in crisis onto paths towards belief systems. In ways it can be seen as an AUDREY ROSE for today’s age, albeit with a supremely intensified scare factor and a more profound yearning for spiritual understanding, but it’s something much more unique and ambitious than even that may make it sound, replete with fascinating interpersonal conundrums amidst the ascending horror. Carrying it all is an extraordinary performance from Ryan Simpkins, a young actress who first broke out in Jennifer Lynch’s underrated classic SURVEILLANCE and has more recently been seen in A SINGLE MAN, among others. Frightening and psychologically provocative, ANGUISH offers supernatural explanations to debilitating adolescent mental illness while delivering physical horror set pieces that will rattle all comers.

— Mitch Davis

Source: Fantasia International Film Festival

‘Anguish’ World Premiere

Annika’s upcoming movie, ‘Anguish’ is scheduled to premiere at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal later this summer (date TBA). The festival runs from July 14th to August 4th. Below is a still from the film and an announcement of the premiere (source: Fantasia International Film Festival).



The directorial debut of Sonny Mallhi, producer of such singular horror works as THE STRANGERS and AT THE DEVIL’S DOOR. ANGUISH is a frightening and emotionally resonant film that offers supernatural explanations for debilitating adolescent mental illness, featuring a powerhouse lead performance by Ryan Simpkins (A SINGLE MAN).