Interview: Annika Marks from The Last Tycoon and The Fosters

Annika Marks was born in Sweden and has traveled the gypsy lifestyle finding residence in Washington, New York, and California where she now lives.

A born artist putting on family performances as a little girl, Annika began her acting career in 2001 and it boomed with her role as Amanda in the movie, Sessions (2012); winning her the Special Jury Award. It was a blessing and a sign, as prior to that incredible acting performance, she thought the stage was a better fit for her. The roles in Grace and Anguish helped propel her career in movies until she was offered a short-term role on the television show, The Fosters.

Annika was not only surprised that she would continue her character as Monte Porter, but felt very grateful. She talks about feeling as though she became a member of the family as the seasons continued and she “could not be more proud to be part of something with these messages (LGBTQ).”

She also has been more than happy to be part of the new show, The Last Tycoon, with Kelsey Grammer. She plays Bernadette Davis who is Monroe Stahr’s sister-in-law by marriage. Another character that Annika was able to parlay into a continuing role as she was only initially contracted for the pilot.

Outside of her remarkable acting abilities, she does a lot for kids who age out of foster care and are now on their own with no help from family members. She is also very active in the organization called HAMOMI. They do a lot of work that improves the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in Nairobi, Kenya.

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Sharon Lawrence on “Grace” & working with Annika

Below are some snippets from an interview Sharon Lawrence did with The A.V. Club in which she talks about the film “Grace” and what it was like working with Annika:

Sharon Lawrence: At that point I was represented by the same agency that handles Annika Marks, who plays Grace. We had a mutual friend who asked if she could contact me, and she wrote a lovely letter about her interest, the reason why she signed onto the project, and what her commitment was to it. It was very impressive, and I recognized when I saw her work on The Sessions that she had a very honest quality to her work. For me, that felt like the most important aspect to this character that she was going to be playing: the ability to be very honest on-screen. And when I recognized that it was produced by women and written by women, that was another reason to commit to a bit of an unknown team, because one of my commitments as an actor now in this stage of my career is to support female filmmakers. All of those things made Grace appealing to me.

AVC: Did you find that you and Annika had an easy chemistry in front of the camera?

SL: Annika and I had a wonderful respect for each other right away, and we recognized how we could help elevate what was on the page even before we joined each other on set. And it only improved our partnership from there. There was a lot of trust right away, and we’re still very close.

Source: The A.V. Club

For more information about “Grace,” please visit The film is also available for purchase on Amazon (DVD or stream).