The Fosters’ Annika Marks says Monte is no villain

ABC Family/Tony Rivetti

Stef and Lena Foster’s marriage on The Fosters may have hit a bit of a rough patch as of late. The problems between the two certainly weren’t helped by the fact that Lena’s co-worker Monte (Annika Marks) kissed her at the end of Season 2. Lena (Sherri Saum) and Stef (Teri Polo) seem committed to working through any issues in their marriage, and Monte swears the kiss was a one time thing–having been married previously to a man, she claims that she’s not interested in Lena romantically.

Whether or not that is the case remains to be seen, and the Season 3 premiere saw Lena turn down Monte’s invitation to attend a work conference together in D.C. Can viewers, and Lena, believe Monte when she says she’s not interested? What happens when Stef, unaware of what happened between her wife and the principal, invites Monte over to the house? The TV Junkies caught up with the woman behind all this trouble, Monte herself, actress Annika Marks, to get answers to all of these burning questions.

The TV Junkies: So you’re quite the troublemaker on The Fosters.

Annika Marks: She’s definitely causing a lot of unrest among Fosters fans that’s for sure. I like that she’s a complicated person to dislike because she’s not a bad person. She’s just causing some trouble.

TTVJ: What was it like coming onto a show that’s so established, where the cast is so close like on The Fosters?

AM: I hadn’t watched the show before I got cast. I came in halfway through the second season and I binge watched the whole first season and first half of the second. I became obsessed with the show, like obsessed with everything about it because it’s brilliant! The writing is so sophisticated, they are so brave, the family feels like it’s your real family. I totally fell in love with this family.

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